The Crew of the D.M.A. Raphus Ineptus

As wretched a rogue's gallery as have ever sailed the skies; between them, the lost souls who crew the D.M.A. Raphus Ineptus carry death sentences from over two dozens states, commonwealths, grand-duchies, pantheons, phyles and other sovereign entities.

Loyal only to each other and to their cruel and steel-clad code of honor, these fiends strike terror into the hearts of good citizens across countless realms. Babies cry, dog's howl, milk sours and crops wither at the stalk under the dread wings of the Ineptus' passage.

Tales of their foul deeds are spoken of only in the dead of night, and even then in hushed and awestruck voices whispering of woe, cruelty and plunder.

Their boundless villainy is matched only by their extreme fashion sense and utmost gentility.

T.Huge Esq.
Born in the desert to a nomadic tribe of berber bedouin on Sept. 3 2005. Since then he has developed the art of dual-wield light saber battle to unparalleled heights. Mr. Huge was last seen wandering the fringes of Black Rock City in search of lost pharmaceuticals.
The Guv'nor.
Hatched from a deviled egg on a paisley tablecloth in a victorian chicken hut, The Guv'nor rose from humble beginnings to eventually graduate magnum cum opus from the Derelict School Of Misbegotten Poultry Engineering. Today he galavants across galactic planes commanding a marauding horde of ruffled miscreants,dubiously searching for the next lascivious libation.
Lady Dizzaster.
Surpassing even her husband as a force of chaos and a vortex of desctructive energy, the consequences of the last fire dance of the Lady Dizzaster are still reverberate down the ages.
Dr. Dizzaster Ph.D.
Once a prominent London phrenologist, his credentials were revoked by the board amidst accusations of necrophilia and organ harvesting. Before joining the crew he lived in squalor on income from donating his copious sperm.
The Protector of the Dodo, utilizing props when necessary, patiently awaiting it's return when it disappears and not only navigating dust storms and unruly passengers but also painstakingly keeping track of his chemically enhanced friends.
D.J. Bard.
"The Thorned Rose of Somerset". Since escaping bonded servitude to a one-eyed carnival magician she has specialized in bank jobs. Although she has never killed, her ability to reload and hand over pistols extremely quickly while under fire makes her a valued drinking companion.
Outcast and shunned by her Mennonite sect after the pastor's jealous wife claimed that she was a changeling and her birthmark a demonic sigil. Learning the truth of these accusations during a seance, she embraced her nature and moved to nantucket, harpooning whales.
The scion of an ancient gypsy clan, she was introduced to polite society after her triumphant performance as Lady MacBeth at the Globe. Though few noticed the concurrent theft of Lady Woadmire's tiara, John Singer Sargeant's portrait of her made a sensation at the Paris Salon.
The Dodo's carpenter and erstwhile musketeer, his timely repairs and inestimable marksmanship have saved the magnificent bird numerous times. His greatest exploit came when he climbed the mizzenmast whilst under fire in a force twelve gale to free fouled lines and help the Dodo to victory over the Brass Tax Gerbiling Society.
Appearing to be merely an overdressed fop, he is actually a highly trained member of the clandestine services. Though he denies it, the crew suspect that he has been planted on the Dodo to keep tabs on her for a certain eastern European arch-Duchy.
The flog-misstress of the Dodo. Although her peerless skill with hand, paddle and crop makes her highly sought after for the best society parties; she chooses to sail with the Dodo for personal and sentimental reasons, where she is an esteemed member of the crew.
His penchant for mixing Rum and firearms have recently consigned him to the kitchen as a result of the ill-fated wake occasioned by his beloved parrot's death from cirrhosis of the liver. "Dinnae shoot tha man unless yar ready t' take 'is job..."
She escaped Chicago minutes ahead of a mob of outraged trophy wives when her sordid past as a child snatcher and procurer of beggar urchins and chimney sweeps became know to the family where she was governess. Her skills in skulldudgery and deception have served her in good stead on the Dodo.
Her genteel and charming manner masks a soul of almost unfathomable darkness. Not a few of the desicated corpses found in the Sangre de Cristo wilderness bear the tell-tale marks of her poisoned hat-pin.
The Doctors Creasey-Lilienstein
Once famed Boston ressurectionists, their star burned too bright and too fast. They signed with the crew of the Dodo to escape debts brought about by excessive self-medication with ether and laudanum.
Once a promising young member of the Whig party, where he was touted as a sure bet for an eventual ministership, his star dimmed when after a hushed up incident involving a half dozen corgis and two bottles of single malt scotch.
Found as a baby wrapped in sail-canvas near the Wentworth docks, she absconded from St. James' orphanage at the age of seven. Her childhood was spent passing as a powder-monkey and cabin boy. Though the men of crew are loath to admit it, she knows as much of the Ineptus as anyone.
Nebula Montana.
The only surviving member of the once powerful Abersham on Glenfargoth coven, she bides her time as the Ineptus' figurehead, waiting till the day her enemies' vigilance slips and she can collect their hearts and livers for her stew.
Lately in the import trade. His numerous liaisons across all levels of society provoked much sanctimony and not a little prurient envy. Whether he crews with the Ineptus because her voyages are ideal to feed his proclivities or if he is simply fleeing London scandals he is a trusted navigator.
The bored daughter of a respectable banking family. Once the muse for an artists' collective in Taos NM. She has since found the inner peace that eluded her there in contemplating the pleas of her numerous victims. She is worshipped as an avatar of Kali by a sect of Bangalore mystics.
NRG and Sailorboy.
Their fame was assured when they partied an entire favella to destruction during the infamous Rio carnival of 2003. Showing no signs of slowing down, it is imperative they be kept away from strong spirits while on-board.
Rich DDT.
Thought to have been decanted sometime in the 26th century, an accident in the Nexus left him unstuck in time. Although his rank in hidden, evidence suggests that he is at least a Viscount in the Peerage of Time.

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